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About Me

Shannon Noelke Metal Arts is more than artisan jewelry. It is the blending of feminine and masculine elements into a synthesis of natural materials that speaks to the ancient and primal in all of us. I specialize in traditional metal work, intricate wire weaving, metal etching and fold forming. I create these one of a kind pieces as a way to connect to the sacred within myself as well as my customers.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Tips for a successful Art Show Season

With art festival season approaching, there are many things to remember in order to have a successful and fun art festival.
Here is a list of things to do and bring.
Make sure to dress according to the weather and keep yourself plenty hydrated.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Things to bring
1. Tent
2. Weights for Tent
3. Tables
4. Pressed Sheets to cover tables
5. Rope Lights or White Christmas LIghts
6. Extension Cords
7. Zip Ties
8. Display Cases and other displays
9. Shop Banner

9. Scissors
10. Pliers (round nose, chain nose, cutter)
11. Wire
12.  Rope
13. String
14. Ring Mandrel (for jewelers), wire, steel wool, polishing cloth
14.5 Mirror to try on jewelry or clothing

Office Supplies
15. Pens
16. Paper
17. Tape
18. Black Marker
19. Receipt Book
20. Sign in Book (email list)
21. Phone (Square Application for Credit Cards)
22. Calculator
23. Small Scale if needed
24. Price Tags
25. Change ($10s, $5s and Ones) and Money Box or Hip Bag

26. Already Priced Artwork
27. Bio or Portfolio
28. Gift Bags/Boxes
29. Tissue Paper
30. Business Cards

For You
31. Plenty of Water
32. Snacks (Crackers, Hummus, Fruit or nuts always good)
33. Chair
34. Extra Shoes/Clothes
35. Sun Block
36. Bug Repellant

CLean Up
31. Trash Bags
32. Windex
33. Small Hand Towel or Paper Towel

I hope everyone has a fun and successful festival season.
PLease feel free to email any tips you may have to add to the list.